LaVergne High School

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Grading & Exam Information

Grading Scale
The grading system at La Vergne High School is as follows:

A 93-100

B 85-92

C 75-84

D 70-74

F 69 and Below


All students are required to take mid-term examinations. Students who meet requirements may be exempt from final exams.
Criteria for Final Exam Exemptions

Full Year Class
8 absences - A average
6 absences - B average
4 absences - C average
2 absences - D average


One Semester Class
4 absences - A average
3 absences - B average
2 absences - C average
1 absence - D average

Only school related activities will not count against exemptions. These include:
  • Class trips and departmental activities (science fair, math contest, etc.)
  • Club trips (Beta, Science, FBLA, etc.)
  • Athletic events (not practices)
  • A student who is suspended will not be exempt from any exam