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Graduation for the Class of 2024 is Thursday, May 16, 2024 at 7pm at MTSU Murphy Center.
LHS Graduation Dress Code Video
Information About Keeping Your Files Once You Graduate
All student accounts for graduating Seniors will be deleted on the last day of school.  To keep your files and work that you have completed throughout your scholastic journey, please review the following links:
Frequently Asked Questions About Graduation

General Information

  • When is graduation?

LaVergne’s High School’s 2024 Graduation ceremony will be held on Thursday, May 16th at 7 p.m. at Murphy Center on the campus of Middle Tennessee State University.


  • Do seniors have to participate in graduation in order to graduate?

No.  Participation in graduation is not a requirement for graduating from high school.


  • What time is graduation rehearsal?

Graduation rehearsal will be on Thursday, May 16th at 8 a.m. at MTSU's Murphy Center. 


  • If my senior chooses to participate in graduation, must he/she attend rehearsal?

Yes.  Participation in rehearsal is a must for those seniors participating in graduation.  Failure to attend the full rehearsal will forfeit a senior’s opportunity to participate in graduation. Being late to practice will also forfeit a senior’s opportunity to participate in graduation.  ***As rehearsal is mandatory, we strongly suggest that you make no appointments for the day of rehearsal.*** 


  • If my senior graduates in December, can he/she still participate in the May graduation ceremony?

Yes.  He/She will need to complete the items listed for seniors.


  • Can my senior still walk at graduation if he will graduate through summer school?

No.  The May graduation is for seniors who have earned the necessary credits to graduate at the end of the school year.  Those seniors graduating through summer school will have an opportunity to participate in the graduation ceremony for summer school.


  • How long does graduation last?

While it is impossible to predict the length of graduation, previous LaVergne ceremonies have usually finished in about 90 minutes.

***However, in order to reduce the unnecessary noise made by some guests, our assistant principals will pause while reading the names of the graduates if there are any extended disruptions.  If that happens, the length of the ceremony could extend considerably.




  • Do I need tickets for my family and friends?

No.  There is no limit on guests.  However, it is first come, first served for seating at Murphy Center.   Door usually open an hour before graduation.

The RCS clear bag policy will be required for all guests who attend graduation.


  • Will graduation be filmed or live streamed over the Internet?

Our plan is for the ceremony to be live streamed by the Video Department of MTSU.  As we get closer to the date of the ceremony, a link will be placed on the school’s website for live streaming.


  • Why is the announcement made to remain quiet during the ceremony?

Graduation is intended to be a dignified ceremony.  In recent years, the trend has been to yell, scream, chant, blow air horns, etc. when a senior’s name is called.  While this does remove from the dignity of the ceremony, it also causes the names of some seniors to not be heard.  We ask that any celebration you do when your senior’s name is called be quick so the family of the ones following your senior may likewise hear their name called.


  • What if my senior causes a disruption during graduation?

Any senior that causes a commotion or disruption during the processional, ceremony, or recessional will be escorted from Murphy Center and his/her diploma will be held until the senior and his/her parents meet with Dr. Hatchett to discuss the situation.  Release of the senior’s diploma will be at the discretion of Dr. Hatchett.



Graduation Dress Code

  • Is there a dress code for seniors participating in graduation?

Yes. All seniors participating in graduation must wear a blue LaVergne cap and gown. 


Dress Code Girls:


Shoes should be solid black, pump or flat. 

Shoes can be open or closed toe. 

The height of the heel does not matter.

No flip flops.  No canvas tennis shoes (Toms are the only acceptable “tennis shoe”)



A dress can be of any color as long as it cannot be seen outside the gown.  If a dress is seen around the collar area, it must be white.  If the dress is too long, the senior sponsors will pin it up before the graduate walks across the stage and that will be uncomfortable for the entire ceremony.  In other words, do not get a dress that is longer than calf length.


Dress Code Boys:

White button down shirt

Tie or Bow Tie

Dark dress pants—No blue jeans

Dark dress shoes -- Tennis shoes are NOT allowed


Graduation Caps CANNOT be decorated.


  • What special regalia items may be worn at graduation?

While there are many stoles and cords that may be worn during any graduation ceremony, only those items listed below may be worn for LaVergne’s graduation.

    • 2024 Blue/White tassel (included in cap and gown package from Josten’s)
    • Valedictorian and Salutatorian stoles (provided by BHS)
    • National Honor Society Double Gold Cord  (provided by NHS)
    • Beta Club Cord (provided by Beta Club)
    • DECA Cord (provided by DECA)
    • Future Health Professionals-HOSA Cord (provided by HOSA)
    • Motlow green cord (provided by Motlow)
    • Youth Leadership Rutherford Red, White, & Blue Cord (provided by the Rutherford County Chamber of Commerce)
    • Work Ethic Distinction (see Mrs. Wilkerson for more information)


  • My senior received a special award/recognition from an organization outside of LHS.  May he/she wear this award as part of their graduation regalia?

No.  The only regalia items that may be worn at graduation are those listed above.  These items represent national organizations that have a chapter at LHS.


  • How does my senior get their graduation regalia?

Regalia provided by clubs will be given to seniors by the club sponsor.  

Cap and Gowns will be distributed at school in late April.


  • Since there are so many graduates, may my senior write his/her name on the outside of his/her cap so that we may identify him/her?

No.  No alterations may be done to the cap or gown. This includes adding names or any other writing as well as adding any type of decoration.  Any violations will result in the student/parent owned cap and gown being removed before entering the floor of Murphy Center.  The graduate will walk without a cap.





  • May I purchase a cap and gown from a company other than Josten’s?

No.  Josten’s is the company that LaVergne works with for graduation, and a senior participating in graduation must purchase their cap and gown from Josten’s.


  • What information does Josten’s need when my senior orders his/her cap and gown?

Josten’s will need your senior’s height and weight.


  • What is the cost of the cap and gown?

The cost of the basic package, which includes the cap, gown, tassel, and diploma cover, is $55.00 plus tax and shipping. 


  • Who do I pay for my cap and gown?

As you are purchasing these items from Josten’s, you will need to pay them.  LaVergne teachers, administrators, or staff will collect no money for graduation items. 


  • When do we pay for the cap and gown?

Josten’s will be at LaVergne on Tuesday, October 24, 2023.  On this date, Josten’s will deliver information about graduation items including October 31st, 2023.  On October 31st, your full order (including caps and gowns, announcements, and other senior items) will be placed and Josten’s will require a deposit.  You may also choose to order all your items online at



We are asking that your account with Josten’s be paid in full no later than March 1, 2024.  This can be done on-line at or by phone at 1-800-JOSTENS.


  • When will my senior's cap, gown, and other graduation items be delivered?

Some items your senior orders from Josten's will be mailed directly to your home within a few weeks after they are ordered.  Your senior's cap and gown, graduation announcements, as well as some other senior items will be delivered to LaVergne in early April. Josten's will deliver these items during April. 



  • If I am not participating in graduation, do I still have to purchase a cap and gown?

No.  However, you will be billed for the diploma and diploma cover at a cost of approximately $25 plus tax and shipping.


  • What should seniors do once they have received their cap and gown?

First of all, do not open these at school!  In doing this, the chances of the gown getting torn or breaking the zipper are greatly increased.  At home, open the cap and gown and try them on to make sure that both fit properly.  (The gown should fall about halfway between the knee and ankle.)  DO NOT place a hot iron directly on the gown!  While you may iron the gown through a folded towel, the best way to remove the wrinkles is to place the gown on a hanger and allow the steam from a hot shower to remove the wrinkles.  If your cap and/or gown do not fit, see Mrs. V-Willis in A-204 immediately.

  • Do I have to purchase invitations from Josten’s?

No.  While Josten’s does offer graduation announcements and other “senior items,” you do not have to purchase these items from Josten’s.


Graduation Deadlines

  • Are there any deadlines that my senior must meet?

Yes.  The intent to walk form should be turned in as soon as possible, preferably by the end of the first semester. 



  • My senior has perfect attendance.  Will he/she be recognized at graduation?

If a senior has perfect attendance for grades K-12 or grades 9-12, he/she will be recognized at graduation.


***It is up to the senior to verify this with the attendance office.  Once they have received confirmation from attendance, the senior should bring this information to Mrs. V-Wills, our graduation coordinator in room A-204.  The deadline for getting this verified and to Mrs. V-Willis is May 1, 2024.






More Information

  • Who do I contact for more information?

Information will be sent home with your senior in November.  However, if needed, you may contact Mrs. V-Willis, our graduation coordinator.  Her email address is [email protected] or you may call 615-904-3870.

For a printable copy of these Frequently Asked Questions, click the document below: