Mission, Vision, and Core Values

Vision Statement: 
Within LaVergne High School’s safe, nurturing, and inclusive academic environment, we will provide the necessary supports to ensure that all students graduate prepared for diverse futures with endless opportunities.   

1. Train and support exceptional educators to create a culturally responsive environment conducive to meeting the academic, social and emotional needs of all of our students. 
2. Engage students in meaningful and relevant academic instruction that encourages curiosity and innovation. 
3. Create a positive school culture that motivates students to strive for excellence in all areas. 
4. Inspire students to embrace diversity and use their unique voices to create change both inside and outside the classroom. 
5. Prepare students to join a global society by building meaningful relationships across cultures. 
Core Values:
1. Growth- We have growth mindsets. We believe in improvement and getting better each day. We focus on personal growth. We work to address the growth needs of all of our students. We grow the whole child (academically, socially and emotionally). We want each student to understand their strengths and build on them in order to succeed. 
      • We help all students learn at their highest level of ability and achieve academic growth.
      • We inspire students to discover their strengths and give them rigorous, relevant learning opportunities in order to prepare them for a promising future. 
      • We respect students in authentic, caring and culturally responsive classrooms so that they will discover and use their unique voices. 
      • We foster curiosity so that students will become lifelong learners.  
      • We empower students to use their voices to create change. 
      • We provide an emotionally safe environment, which decreases emotional distress and aids in students developing positive attitudes about themselves and others.  
2. High Expectations - We have high expectations of ourselves and our students. We believe that our students are capable and have the ability to excel in all areas. All of our words and actions reflect high expectations.  
3. Excellence - We strive for excellence in all areas. We create a culture that motivates our students to strive for excellence in all areas by giving their best effort to produce their best work academically, athletically, artistically, etc. 
4. Relationships - We value the impact of positive relationships. We work to build strong, meaningful connections with students and colleagues so that everyone feels safe and supported in the school community.     
5. Diversity - We find strength in diversity and build relationships across generations and cultures. We accept all cultures in the school and seek to learn about the unique perspectives of people from cultures different from our own.