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To increase parental involvement to foster connection and a sense of belonging at LaVergne High School.


Mission Statement

The LaVergne High School Wolverines Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) is dedicated to building strong relationships within our school community. We strive to foster parent involvement, promote community service, encourage interdependence, provide volunteer opportunities, and prioritize investing in our students' future.


1. Parent Involvement: We encourage and facilitate parent involvement in their children's education. We create opportunities for parents to engage in meaningful ways through volunteering, school events, and workshops.

2. Volunteer Opportunities: We provide diverse and meaningful volunteer opportunities for parents and community members to actively contribute to the growth and success of our students. We want to make a positive impact on our school community and be a positive force in shaping our students' futures.

3. Investment in Students' Future: We are committed to preparing our students for their future endeavors. By providing resources, scholarships, mentorship opportunities, and career exploration programs, we aim to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and experiences necessary for success beyond high school.


Core Values:

1. Building Positive Relationships: We believe in cultivating a strong sense of community by fostering positive and collaborative relationships between parents, teachers, students, and staff. We aim to create an inclusive and supportive environment that promotes open communication and mutual respect.

2. Interdependence: The success of our students is intertwined with the collective effort of parents, teachers, and the wider community. Through a supportive network, we create the best possible learning environment for our students.

3. Caring for Our Students: We prioritize the well-being and success of every student at LaVergne High School. Through various initiatives, we strive to create a nurturing and inclusive environment where students feel valued, supported, and empowered to reach their full potential academically, socially, and emotionally.


Through our unwavering dedication to these principles, the LaVergne High School Wolverines PTO strives to create a diverse and thriving school community that fosters excellence, collaboration, and lifelong learning for our students.


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