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2023-2024 Class Schedule
LHS Block Schedule
ODD Periods
EVEN Periods
8:30 am-9:55 am
1st- Art 1 2nd-Art 1
WT 10:01 am-10:31 am
Wolverine Time Wolverine Time
Class 11:08am-12:38pm
3rd-Lunch/Art 1 4th- Lunch/Art 1
12:44pm -2:04pm 5th- Planning
6th- Planning
2:10pm -3:30pm 7th-CDC art
8th- CDC art
LHS Block Schedule
8-period "Skinny" Day
8:30 am-9:10 am 1st- Art 1
9:16 am-9:54 am 2nd- Art 1
10:00 am-10:38 am 3rd- Art 1
Lunch 10:44 am-11:09am
Class 11:12 am-11:52am
Lhs time 11:52am-12:34pm
4th-Lunch/Art 1
12:40 pm-1:18 pm 5th- Planning
1:24 pm- 2:02 pm 6th- Planning
2:08 pm-2:46 pm 7th- CDC Art
2:52 pm-3:30 pm 8th- CDC Art