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Welcome to the LHS Yearbook page!
We are currently working on the 36th edition of the Silver Lining Yearbook!
*Note that's a different address than the one used to purchase yearbooks.
Full pg - $220
1/2 pg - $110
1/4 pg - $60
1/8 pg - $40
 The last date to take Senior pictures for the Yearbook is Oct. 23-24. Seniors that have not taken pictures or do not have an appointment at the Smilestone Photography Studio to do so, we will have mini sessions available in the Auditorium on those days. 
The mini session will include 1 formal pose in a tuxedo or drape, provided by the photographers, a cap and gown picture and 1 casual pose in the student's own attire. Clothes must adhere to the dress code. This will be the LAST time you Senior can take pictures for the yearbook. 
This is by appointment ONLY. Please sign up by clicking the following link.
Sept. 13 ...............Fall Sports Pictures
Octobert 10-11.........Underclassmen (9th-11th) Picture Day 
October 25.............Underclassmen make-up photos
October 23 & 24.....Senior Make-up Pictures
October TBD...........Club Picture Day 
November....................Senior Recognition Ads due


Smilestone  is our school photographer. You can view their work and contact them by clicking the link Smilestone Photographers - Smilestone Photographers

Senior Pictures FAQ's 

Q: What pictures will be taken? 

A: You will need to take a Formal (tux or off the shoulder drape, both provided), and  a Casual photo at the Smilestone Studio in Murfreesboro for the yearbook. You can refer to their website for packages and sitting fees. 


Q: What should I wear/ bring on picture day? 

A: We recommend bringing something that shows your  style and personality. Props are always great to give individual flair to your pictures. Athletes could bring uniforms/ sporting equipment. Musicians could bring instruments. It's really up to you. We encourage individuality, however, remember these pictures become part of the yearbook, which is a historical document, so really think about it. These pictures will represent you for generations to come! 

*Any outfits that are a violation of the LHS dress code policy will be subject to not be included in the yearbook. 

**Ladies: If taking the drape for your formal pic, be sure to wear a spaghetti strap tank that can easily have the straps moved for the drape picture. 



Q: Can I have someone other than Paul Vaughn take my Seniors pictures for the yearbook? 

A: No. We are contracted with them, so your pictures must be taken by Smilestone in order for them to be included in the yearbook. 


Q: What happens after the pictures are taken? Where do I view the proofs? 

A: You  can view your proofs on the Smilestone website. You will be provided with this information at your session.   


Q: Where do I submit my Senior quote? 

A: We no longer do Senior quotes. It's a choice that I, as the yearbook advisor, chose for the aesthetic of the yearbook.