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Wolverine Computer Repair and Recycling

Since this is a school-based shop, we are only open on when school is open. 
Shop Phone:  615-904-6754
Shop Hours:  School Days 8am - 5pm  or by appointment if needed.
As a service to our community, we will repair or upgrade your computer or laptop for a donation of $50. No hidden costs. Work done by CompTIA certified students, and supervised by CompTIA certified instructors.
What you get for your donation:
A faster, cleaner computer.
A computer free of malware, viruses, spyware, and unwanted programs.
Faster internet browsing.
More space on your hard drive.
Labor on physical cleaning, repairs, upgrades and even complete builds (using your parts).
Backup or recovery of your data, if needed. (If possible)
Transfer your Operating System, programs and files to a new hard drive or solid-state drive, when replacing drives.
Free software (Avira anti-virus, Malwarebytes, and more).
This does not include the cost of parts, if needed.
What we do:
A thorough cleaning of the hardware to remove dust, etc.
Performance enhancements of the operating system and programs (cleaning, defragging, etc.) to speed up your computer.
Testing the system for overheating issues, and fixing the problem if necessary.
The industries best free software used to remove malware/viruses and to improve the performance of your computer. (We will only remove your current anti-virus software with your permission).
Upgrade recommendations that can make your computer faster, if that is your goal.
Labor on all repairs (screen replacement, hard drive replacement, etc.)
We will attempt data recovery of deleted files and files on dying hard drives. 
We will help you find any parts you might need (we don't sell anything) at the best price.
We spend a great deal of time to "fix" the problem without resetting the computer to the factory image. If we feel a factory reset is the best option (very rare), we will contact you first and back up all your data before making any changes. It is impossible to back up installed programs, so a factory reset is our last option.
The free programs we use are listed in the links above.