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 How do I purchase?-- Pam Dadson will issue Purchase orders


*All purchases require a purchase order BEFORE purchasing. Subs require purchase order if a sport or club will be paying for the subs, Bus drivers, payments made for FUNDRAISERS, etc. 

Purchase Order Request -email  [email protected]

purchasing process

 Before purchasing, please check out the Awarded Bid List for items you may need.  


*The PO request email is NOT the approved PO. 


*Packing slips need to be signed and dated upon arrival and turned in to Sharon Owens. ( if no packing slip see Receipt of goods form to the right) or send email stating all items have been delivered and invoice is ok to pay.

Also, submit any other documentation, invoices, 3 bids, contracts, etc. If you are a club, you will also need club authorization form. 3 bids are required if amount is over $2000. See forms at the bottom of the page. 

*Checks--3 day window for request of checks for field trips, events, pay and other. (requires purchase order approved and invoice)


Coaches:  What vendors do we use?  See bottom of page for list.





 Sub Days P1, P2, P3 Days-

P3 requires a purchase order before time. Paid for out of sports, club or other school accounts. 
P2 Paid for by outside source no PO required( example. MTSU or other company will pay for

the substitute for the day or days of event)
P1 Dr. Hatchett distributes these

ALL of the above require an explanation on your sub request form. (example: track district

coaches meeting for a P3 day) as many details or documentation you are able to provide.

**Full Day sub $110.04
**Half Day sub $55.02


I need to collect money and turn in--Turn money in to Pauline Jeffries

Collection Log -print and sign the form --also make copy or save digital version for your records
*all money must be turned in the day it is collected 
*any cash amount above $3 requires a receipt, Checks DO NOT require a receipt.

Coins:  When collecting coins, please roll them to turn in to Ms. Jeffries. We have coin wrappers in the office.


Teachers sign out receipt books with Sharon Owens.

(please, save a copy of collection logs for your records) if you are filling out on your computer print 2 and file one for yourself or save a digital copy of it in a folder. 


*Cash and checks require separate totals on collection log (located at the bottom of the collection log, it may be easier to group all checks together and all cash together on the collection log to get your totals for the bottom)


Fundraising Packet (pickup packet from Pauline Jeffries) - must be filled out and approved before all fundraising. Also, if you are selling items as a fundraiser you must get a contract from the vendor and approved. The vendor must also bill us with tax for items we are reselling. Also, if you are making a payment for products/vendor, you will need to open Purchase Order.


Which bookkeeper to see: Sharon Owens
  • Issues checks for payment
  • Salary Supplements to BOE
  • Pickup credit or store cards
  • Request purchase orders
  • Inventory
  • Turn in receipts, packing slips, and invoices to Sharon Owens.
Which bookkeeper to see: Pauline Jeffries
  • Turn in contracts
  • pickup receipt book
  • Check out square payment and information
  • Club authorization
  • Issues change, tickets, gate
  • Fundraising Forms
  • Inventory
  • Turn in money and collection logs
Here is a small list of vendors we use:
  • Amazon
  • Walmart
  • A-Z
  • Lowes
  • Sams
  • Front Street Sign Company: for banners, signs and such
 * You may purchase from other vendors, but
we have accounts with the above list.
Bookkeeping Forms