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Man Maker Club

Man Maker Club Leaders

Every 2nd and 4th Wednesday

4:00 p.m. in Room A104 


Purpose of the Man Maker Club
To provide mentoring for young men that will establish basic manhood principles. 
To provide an ongoing community of young men with resources, encouragement, and brotherhood.
To provide models that help encourage healthy character and integrity in young men. 
To provide development and coaching for young men in life skills and professional opportunities. 
To provide scholarships, internships, and partnerships for young men with interest in business and finance.
Student Requirements
Membership is open to any male student enrolled at the school.
Membership is also open to any current faculty and staff at the School.
Only currently enrolled students that have reputable behavior in the school, have at least a 2.5 GPA, and has 1 recommendation from a faculty or staff member at the school.
Membership in the club is only confirmed once young men complete a full semester.  Students will just be referred to as participants before completing a full semester. 
The Mission of the Man Maker Movement is to re-establish the urgency of manhood across the world. We seek to equip young men with healthy manhood models while building a community of men that empower and encourage each other in these manhood principles. 
For Parents to read...
Students in Rutherford County Schools often achieve amazing goals, produce fantastic work, and share their talents while at school. From time to time, pictures and videos may be taken of students by Rutherford County Schools for the purpose of showing off their work, awards, and achievements. Student art and creations may be displayed for the enjoyment of others. Examples could include but are not limited to, Honor Roll being run in the paper, Student of the Month announcements, athletic achievement, and general district news. You may opt out of having your child’s schoolwork to be displayed at the school or on school/district websites and online pages as well as your child's name and likeness be released to the press, to be displayed at the school and/or placed on the school/district's website and online pages in relation to school activities, and in the school yearbook. If you would like to opt-out, this form is in the Student Data Verification in the Skyward Family Access portal.
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