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Welcome to Ms. Roche's page*.
A bit about me:
I am originally from Australia and I remember well what it felt like to be confused after moving to a brand new country. While I loved the experience at times it was pretty tough. I am here to help you with not only your learning English but with any other query you may have. Do not hesitate to reach out to me!
I live in the country and love the peacefull manner in which life progresses in a rural area. However, I love teaching at LaVergne High because I truly love the diverse student/staff body here. Hearing students talk in different languages in the halls is exciting to me! I also love the diversity in apparel students choose to wear. I am, however, a stickler for dress code and I will warmly remind you if you have come to school disregarding the code. Look at yourself in a mirror before you come to school and check that you are following the guidelines outlined in the Student Handbook! 
I am one of six siblings and as the youngest I am the jokster of our bunch. I am typically a very happy person and if I can make a joke about something I will! I wish to spread cheer for each day is a precious gift we all must embrace. 
Let's embrace each day together and learn as much as we can!
*Please note: my page remains under construction!
I will soon add my class schedule, an actual professional photo (I will move my horse riding photo to my images), our class rules, and student work information or a link to schoology.