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Bienvenue !

My name is Dr. Makande, I am holder of a Ph.D. / Doctorate degree in language sciences (six years of research and training in France): didactics and methodology of teaching French as a foreign and second language, French for specific and university purposes, French for professions (medical, business, military, international relations (Diplomacy), legal, tourism and hospitality, culinary French, etc.), applied linguistics with a minor in intercultural communication skills (Cultural anthropology) and did a public defense of my doctorate Thesis at the university of Artois in France, and advanced training in the methodology and didactics of teaching French for specific purposes at the University of Chamber of Commerce and Industries of Paris in France, a Master-2 degree in the didactics and methodology of teaching French as well as a BA in applied pedagogy. I am still an active and associate member of the French didactics and linguistic laboratory of GRAMMATICA: Center for research in linguistics and methodology of French in France.
I am a researcher in applied linguistics, sociolinguistics, linguistic of corpus, specialized discourses analysis, applied pedagogy, didactics and methodology of teaching French, French language acquisition, intercultural communication / Cultural anthropology and have published many articles, etc.
I am currently a French teacher at Lavergne high school and an expert in French language acquisition.
I am very humble to answer all your questions and help you acquire the French language and (inter) cultural skills as we focus on speaking, writing, listening and reading skills and on adapted research projects to allow you use the French language in various and real situations of communication and contexts.

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