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IMPORTANT: Student Device Accounts and Safety Procedures Information

Parents and Students,

All Students 6-12 are required to REGISTER for Self-Service Password Reset at this location


They must complete this registration and will continue to be prompted until registration is complete. Please do not skip this step.

Starting today, when new and previous students log into anything affiliated with their school computer login, they will be forced to register for Self Service Password Reset. THIS DOES NOT CHANGE THEIR PASSWORD. It simply is a way to register for if/when a student does forget their school password, they can reset it on their own. 

  • Students will be prompted to complete the sign-up process using their existing school username  ( â€¯and password the next time they login to anything Microsoft related (O365 or Clever). This doesn't change the password, it just registers the student to change later if forgotten. 
  • If the student forgets or needs to change the student password in the future: After the student has completed the registration process, the student can use the following link or click on "Can't access your account?" on the sign-on page to reset or unlock the account from any device. These links are located under the Student and Parent tabs on the school website as well. 
Below you will find 2 video links for students and parents.  The first video is an orientation video with information to help students who will be distance learning navigate important online platforms.  The second video is for students returning to school and the safety procedures we have in place to maintain social distancing. If you have have any questions please contact your student's teacher and they will assist you.  
Student Microsoft Login Passwords Have Been Reset:
Student Microsoft login passwords have been reset to the student's State ID number which they use as their lunch number at school.  If your student does not know their State ID/lunch number, you will need to contact one of their teachers and they will provide it.  If your student is having trouble signing in to their device use the information below to troubleshoot.  
If a student is having issues signing into a student device: 
  1. Verify that student is entering the correct login. Students use their email address to sign in to the student devices.
    If Tony Stark's student username is tstark1234,  his student device username is
    The majority of student login issues are due to mistyping the username in the area.
   2. Make sure the student device is connected to the WIFI.
If a student device is not connected to the WIFI, look for the WIFI icon in the lower right hand corner of the screen (see image below).
wifi issue